The Campaign

Our coalition is opposed to the militarism of the US police force as well as its use of illegal and unethical surveillance practices. At the Federal level, this includes advocacy to end the Pentagon equipment pipeline 1033 program. At the local and State level, advocacy is focused on the militarized and “counter-terrorism” trainings, particularly the international trainings by Israeli military and intelligence personnel.

Our call is to divest from these deadly exchanges. The Israeli Defense Forces and the Israel Police have a long history of violence and harm against Palestinian people (both within Israel and in the Occupied Territories) and Jews of Color. These practices are not a good model for either the minority populations in Israel/Palestine and not for our communities here at home.

How We Started

Much of the information on this site is not new. Activists have known for several years about the military-style trainings and had tried, with limited success, to gather information about them.

The founders of the this campaign are the same activists who challenged the two spying scandals in Maryland…in fact some of us were among the people who were spied upon. But it wasn’t until recently that we have been able to connect the dots –the leadership involved in these spy scandals were alumni of these counterterrorism surveillance trainings.

In fact, for the Maryland State Police spy scandal, the director had completed his training just months before the surveillance program began. You can learn more here about that scandal as well as the Montgomery County surveillance program that targeted the Muslim community.


Endorsing Organizations



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