Maryland Police who Received Military-Style Training in Israel

We are still waiting for additional information to be provided by the Police Departments. The following was gathered from external sources.

Allegany County

Sheriff David Goad attended a training in Israel through AIPAC as a delegate of AIEF in 2003. He now serves as Program Director for the Cumberland Police Department’s Criminal Intelligence Network.


The ADL lists that a Commander with the Annapolis Police Department participated in their trainings but no additional information was provided.

Baltimore City

Several former Police have participated in training. These include Major John Skinner (Commanding Officer for Baltimore City’s Criminal Intelligence section) and Captain Roman Zadyk. Captain Zadyk acknowledged to a journalist that the trainings included illegal tactics.

“The regular use of profiling by Israeli officials is a technique that is not only illegal in the United States but could be detrimental to the complex threats in America.” Captain Roman Zaryk Baltimore City Police Department

In 2017 or 2018, the Commander of the Baltimore Police Training Center organized a delegation of police officers for a training in Israel.  The sponsoring organization nor the officers who went are available to the public because it was not officially sponsored/paid by the Department. 

Baltimore County

Sheriff R. Jay Fisher attended a training in Israel through AIPAC as a delegate of AIEF in 2012. He is still the current Sheriff for Baltimore County.

Baltimore County police went on ADL trainings before 2015, but additional information is not available.

Calvert County

See Maryland State Police section.


In August 2002 and February 2004, Former Police Chief Maryanne Viverett went on a JINSA training. DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier was also at this same training. Chief Viverette is now a consultant on law enforcement.

The Curriculum references military-style training: To give American law enforcement access to the hard “lessons learned” by the Israelis in the interdiction of and response to all forms of terrorism. Hosted by Israel’s National Police, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Israel Security Agency.

Howard County

See Montgomery County (Chief Russell Hamill) who is now the Chief in Laurel, MD.

Maryland State

The spied-upon activists were “fringe people” who need to be watched, Hutchins said. (link)

Colonel Tim Hutchins went on an April 2005 training with JINSA. In 2007, the Maryland Police were exposed by the ACLU for spying on peace activists which included Quakers and Roman Catholic sisters as part of their counter-terrorist efforts. The program began in 2005 and Col. Hutchins was specifically named in the scandal.

Hutchins served as the Director of Homeland Security under the Hogan Administration. He is now an elected Commissioner in Calvert County.

Roman Catholic sisters Ardeth Platt, OP and Carol Gilbert OP who were 2 of the 53 activists spied on by Maryland State Police as part of their “Counterterrorism Surveillance Program.”

Maryland State Police also went on ADL trainings before 2015, but additional information is not available.

Montgomery County

Retired Police Chief Tom Manger went on a JINSA training in 2006. In 2017, he organized for JINSA a training for dozens (perhaps more) police in the regional DC metropolitan area County.

Former Assistant Chief Drew Tracy went on an ADL training in 2007.

In 2010, an undisclosed police officer participated in an AJC training.

In 2012, Acting Assistant Chief, Russell Hamill, went on an AJC training. Both Manger and Hamill were leadership engaged in the Countering Violent Extremism Surveillance program targeting Muslims. In fact, Hamill was referenced as a member of the CVE Dream Team who presented to an international community about the program. He is now the Chief of Police in Laurel, MD.

Assistant Chief Luther Reynolds noted he went on a training but no dates are mentioned. He was also actively engaged in the CVE surveillance program.

In 2018, Assistant Chief Laura Lanham went. She is the Deputy Chief for the Rockville Police Department.

In 2019, a Lieutenant from the Vice and Intelligence section went on a training.

The ADL indicates that they provided a training to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office but no additional information is available.

Prince George’s County

Police Chief Henry Stawinski, participated in a training but the details including which program and when is unknown. He stepped down from his position in June 2020.


In December 2019, the Rockville Chief of Police (Victor Brito) went on a JINSA training.

In 2018 Deputy Chief Laura Lanham went on a training. She was the Assistant Chief of the Montgomery County Police Department at the time.

Multiagency Trainings

In 2017, Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger hosted a JINSA training here which brought Israeli officials to provide training to a large audience. In a JINSA promotional video, they note that it is deliberate to seek out Police leadership so they can bring the trainings “to scale” in the US.

A private organization called the Israel Tactical School hosts trainings in Rockville, Maryland. Clients include the Montgomery County and Baltimore police departments.

One of the lead trainers is a former Shin Bet Agent (Israel’s secret intelligence). The other is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

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