Maryland Spy Scandals

“The regular use of profiling by Israeli officials is a technique that is not only illegal in the United States but could be detrimental to the complex threats in America.”

Captain Roman Zaryk Baltimore City Police Department

There have been two scandals in Maryland where a police agency spied on citizens. In both instances, the lead police personnel had attended a training in Israel which included presentations by intelligence personnel. The quote above is from a Baltimore City Police Officer who attended one of these same trainings.

Maryland State Police Spy on Peace Activists

The spied-upon activists were “fringe people” who need to be watched.

Col. Tim Hutchins, Head of Maryland State Police (link)

In 2007, the Maryland Police were exposed by the ACLU for spying on peace acctivists which included Quakers, pacifists and Roman Catholic sisters. It was part of a new “counter-terrorist” effort. The program began in 2005.

Colonel Tim Hutchins who was in charge of the Police force returned from a JINSA training in April 2005.

One suspect’s file warned that she was “involved in puppet making and allows anarchists to utilize her property for meetings.”

From News Article about the case (link)

Montgomery County Police Run a Countering Violent Extremism Grant Targeting Muslims

CVE is a surveillance system that cultivates faith leaders, teachers and health providers to serve as informants to law enforcement with tips forwarded to Homeland Security’s fusion centers.

Article referencing comments by a MoCo Asst Police Chief Link

In 2014, the Montgomery County Police along with other agencies received a Countering Violent Extremism grant. The purpose of the grant was to “divert” radicalized citizens to a counseling program. The head of the program worked for the FBI and the citizens targeted, many being youth, were predominantly Muslims.

Former Police Chief Tom Manger and Former Assistant Police Chief Hamill played leadership roles in the program. In fact, Police Chief Hamill was part of the CVE “Dream Team.” Both had gone on counter-terrorism trainings in Israel.

This “Montgomery County Model” is now being used by the Denver Police targeting Black Lives Matter youth.

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